For Deconstruction 2013 Our Theme was “Deconstruct a Proposal.” Christina and I have been building all sorts of projects since we met. In fact we met when I was designing my battlebot (tetracide) next to a pool on a summer day, followed by a typical date (Dinner, Home Depot, and a movie). The two of us have been together for many years and so when I decided to propose it only seemed fitting to build something to do it and Deconstruction provided the perfect platform for this to happen.

The build itself, a Large multi-display POV, was a method to allow the same output as a jumbotron display without all of the complexity or cost. The display has a resolution of ~120*270 while only using 360 LEDs (vs the 32400 normally required). The goal was to build this display to display the message “will you marry me,” but the time limitations (48 hours) prevented the full photo and videos to be displayed. Even without the message Christina still accepted my proposal so the project was a complete success. We will be finishing up the code to make the board fully functional in the upcoming days. Additionally I will be during a much more detailed write up of the build if you ever wanted to build something similar in the future.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone at the Dallas Makerspace who helped make this proposal possible. There were 15-20 people who worked around the clock for 48 hours to help me to accomplish my vision and I really appreciate all their hard work and I hope that the journey was as gratifying for them as it was for me.

Technical Information

  • 3 spinners wit 120 LEDs each
  • linked together mechanically with a 3/4 HP DC motor
  • 120 LEDs per spinner each individually addressable using the WS2812 IC on custom designed and fabricated boards.
  • Each spinner features a Teensy 3.0 micro controller, a wireless module, and a sensor to detect the home location.
  • Software written in Ardunio Sketch, using the FastSPI libraries (will be changed to the OctoWS2811 LED Library in the future)
  • Power delivered to the boards through custom designed slip rings.

Check out the entire gallery here


This coming weekend teams of Makers, Artists, Students, Programmers, Problem-Solvers, Designers, Performers, Filmmakers (and many others) from around the globe will gather, physically and digitally, to “deconstruct” the world around them. Their common goal: rethink existing objects, genres, and ideas…and create something new.

I am running a team at the Dallas Makerspace, so if you are in Dallas and would like to join you are more then welcome to come over. If you just want to watch the fun from home we will be live streaming/blogging right here, so stay tuned.

These events always have fun results such as the Dizzy Fling, so come and be part of the innovation.


As a maker I have always wanted to see the ultimate source for all the creative builds and hacks that people come up with.  There are lots of specialized blogs out there for different topics but not one that encompasses the maker lifestyle.  I decided it was time to setup my own blog and remembered about Build Lounge (a blog I used to visit often for that same purpose).  Some time ago the founder of stopped updating the site and took it off line.  A while ago I reached out and purchased the domain and old content , and would like to keep this site going for the builder/maker/hacker everywhere.

So welcome back to the new

In addition to picking up where it was left off, I would like to grow it bigger and transform it into the main source of information for Builders everywhere.

So watch this site for more fun contests (with prizes), news, and interesting projects from all genres.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, you can check me out here.


Imagine for a moment, a world where your joking finger-pistols actually made pistol noises. Your falcon punch sounded… well, falcon-punchy. This world is now a reality! Using an Arduino, a Wave shield, and assorted fasteners, foils, and fabrics, you too can live this dream come true.

You can see in the video that it could possibly use a little more umph in the speaker department, but it is fun nonetheless. They should go on to add a “cocking” action as well. I think that would really complete the project. Wait, did someone say Haidouken?