Bizarre story of mistaken identities, a stolen tardis, and an altruisitic “jerk”

What a peculiar story. Here’s a quick synopsis: Young girl gets pro Athlete’s cell phone number assigned to her by accident. Girl gains some local fame. Local hooligans steal the girls tardis shaped bus stop. Good Samaritans build her a newer better one.

Yup, you read all of that correctly. Kaitlyn Griffin‘s phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Apparently she had been assigned the phone number of Basketball professional Blake Griffin. The story was fun enough to make local news. When the family returned to their land(the article doesn’t say where they were returning from), their bus stop was stolen. In rural areas such as this, it isn’t uncommon to build a shelter to wait in for the bus. Kaitlyn had built a Tardis with her father, and was now in the peculiar position of missing a bus stop.

Some fantastic people on the internet saw this story. They wanted to set it right. Reddit user Pegothejerk stepped up and decided to build her a replacement.  Calling on the help of several others, he was able to build her a fantastic replica of the Tardis from the show.

Great job Pegothejerk. Congratulations Kaitlyn. Thank you internet.

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