Ultimaker creates some of the best 3D prints we’ve ever seen


While the Makerbot and the Prusa Mendel have a pretty good corner on the 3D printing market, a new competitor is nipping at their heels, and I’ve got to say – it looks awesome.

The Ultimaker has been around for a while, but aside from little news blurbs here and there, we haven’t heard a ton about it. What we have heard is that it makes crazy fast prints, putting any that has come before it to shame. Fast is great, but when I’m trying to build a tiny component for a project I’m working on or replacing a gear from one of my kids’ toys – I need accuracy.

Dave Durant took some time to collect images and prints from members of the Ultimaker Google Group, and wow – color me impressed!

The prints these guys were able to make are incredible to say the least. With the ability to lay down 0.02mm perimeter layers, everything Dave has shown in his blog blows my mind. Not only are the prints smooth beyond belief, infill looks great too.

If you don’t believe me, take a close look at the picture above. That lumpy off-white thing on the left hand side? ┬áThat’s Hive76 member Jordan’s finger next to one of his creations – compare his finger’s ridges to the print on the right and tell me that’s not incredible!

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